The Women of Eden

No matter what the world’s history books have reported, no matter what the history teachers preach…this world has been formed by beautiful, powerful, and seductive women who have known how to use their gifts to direct men’s (sometimes other women’s) actions, manipulate outcomes…even chart the course of events…and whether or not these women have used their special talents for good or for evil, they have still been a wondrous force that needs to be remembered, that needs to be recognized…that needs to be revered…or even feared…so let me take you on a journey through our modern day vixens who, if given the chance, could probably inflict world change with just a batting of the eye, a lowering of a tube-top, the bending of their knees…let me present to you the modern day history writers…The Women of Eden

Below are the other BLOGs in The Women of Eden and The Women of Eden II Collection (communities on Google +)…

…get lost in them all…

This BLOG features girls mainly in bikinis or micro-sized swimwear, girls who have an island vibe to their motions, to their appearances…girls who you would see on vacation to an exotic location or on spring break…so…come…take a vacation on my island…no harm will come to you…you have my promise…and you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, exotic women…seductively throwing themselves at you, willing to do anything you desire…come, visit my island…I promise, you’ll not be able to leave…but would you want to?

Calypso’s Island II - Charmed & Enchanted - Google + Page
Calypso’s Island - FeedBurner

Every time I see a beautiful woman, a song enters my mind…the song that I would hear all around me when I would experience her lyrical sensuousness…her ordered sexiness…her harmonized heartbeat…her body electric! And what better way to physically represent this song than posting gorgeous girls wearing a sexy costume or letting their bodies be turned into an artist’s canvas? On this BLOG, you’ll mostly see women who are brave enough to wear skimpy costumes and erotic attire in public, who are most likely into roleplay, and who just had to express themselves through color and images, burned into their skin for all eternity…

Sing the Body Electric! - FeedBurner

The Sweat, The Moonlight, and The Lace

Three simple words poetically describe the action, the setting, and the preparation for the most natural and passionate act known to all living creatures. As the sexiest lyrical line ever crooned in one of my most favorite country songs spawns the creation of this pictorial BLOG of hotness and passion, I believe the title is self-explanatory so I know you can imagine the utter beauty your eyes will behold as you navigate through each and every one of these visually musical splendors.

There is nothing more beautiful…or alluring…to me than an Asian woman…with her tiny parts and lovely grace to all of her movements, gestures, to the way she makes love…and when the Asian world collides with the western world…the product is a woman who can control your mind, body, and your soul…this page is me giving in, me SURRENDERING…me showing you my lust for their world…

(just a side note, this is not a BLOG but a Google+ page where ALL of the pics from this collection are posted regularly)

Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

Pale Skin...chalky arms, tummies, and legs...or tan skin...radiant backs, bottoms, and doesn't matter the combination...bodies always seem to be so attractive when topped with a head of gorgeous ginger hair...light, strawberry blond...reddish with a slightly orange highlight...or a solid red hue...even brunettes who dream of being a RED, highlighting their locks with light, bright, or dark shades of reddish delight...I love them all! And if you add vibrant green eyes...fields of have just met a goddess!

(just a side note, this is not a BLOG but a Google+ page where ALL of the pics from this collection are posted regularly)

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